Plus: Retiring into a downturn? What you need to know
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Inside The Mind Of A Good Manager
Today, we’re seeing more workers than ever empowered to advocate for themselves and ask for what they deserve. And we love it. But there’s another side to this equation — there are important things managers should be doing to make their companies better. With many employees eager to peace out as soon as a better opportunity comes knocking, it’s more important than ever for managers to lead the charge on making their company the place that people want to be. But how, exactly, do you run a department that produces great results, while still being empathetic and flexible with your employees? Jim Edwards, author of “Say Thank You For Everything”  joins us on the HerMoney Podcast* this week to answer all of those questions and more. (Hint: Try expressing gratitude often, no matter how small the occasion.) So, first, go thank your employees. Then, listen to our episode :)

Coming In For A Landing: The Best Holiday Flight Deals

Christmas ornaments are already making their way onto store shelves (yes, it’s still September) which means it’s time to start thinking about booking holiday travel that will help you make it to your loved ones in time for present-opening, cookie-baking, turkey-stuffing, and so much more. But sometimes the most stressful part of the travel experience (apart from those heated political conversations with Uncle Mark) is finding an affordable flight. It’s possible to spend hours browsing flight deals and loading various routes, trying to assemble the best possible deal with the fewest possible layovers — and it’s exhausting. But with a little strategy, it can be so much easier than you think. Here’s a rundown on how to score the best flights for less. Our favorite tips? Search flights for +/- a day or two to save hundreds, and search using an incognito browser so you don’t fall victim to price gouging.

Those Life Skills You Didn’t Get… Are Now Available Online

Yes, it would have been great if mom and dad took us by the hand and gave us all the adulting basics we needed, but there just weren’t enough hours in the day between ages 0 and 18. It also would have been nice if our high schools had offered at least the basics on personal finance, but that’s only been mandatory in a majority of states for just a few months, which means if you’re reading this newsletter, you probably didn’t catch any instruction on writing checks, paying taxes, or balancing a budget. But we’ve got some great news: Many online education platforms know that most of us are woefully behind in these life basics, and they’ve made programs available for free (or at least very cheap) so that we can catch up and feel more empowered. Here’s a look at some of our favorites. You got this!

Retiring In A Downturn? Here’s What You Need To Know:

Inflation is higher. The stock market is lower. But this is exactly the time you had planned to retire. So, has this changed things for you, or should it change at least something for you? Statistically, yes, it does change things. In fact, according to Vanguard, retiring into a bear market has historically made people 31% more likely to outlive their money. What to do? For starters, don’t let that stomach-drop feeling telling you that you might not be on target anymore inspire you to pull out of the market — that’s the only no-go in this situation. And while it’s not ideal to retire either just before or after a big drop, it doesn’t mean you can’t do it, with a little strategy. Here’s how to make it work, and how to know if the better option is to postpone.

The Feminist Designer Of The Future

What are you most passionate about pursuing? If it’s not your full-time job, is it a side hustle, an art project, or a nonprofit, perhaps? This week, we profile one woman who is leaning fearlessly into her true self and making her name in the design world —  Maddie Herbert. Maddie is a self-described sex-positive feminist designer who is the CEO of Dame LLC. (You may have seen her work featured by TikToker @drewafualo who donned Herbert’s “That Bitch” beanie while addressing her millions of followers.) Her art creations evoke feelings of both 90s girl nostalgia, (á la Lisa Frank and R.L. Stine book covers) and tout modern-day mantras like “You deserve to take up space.” Her empowering work promotes themes of body positivity, bodily autonomy, and anything pertaining to acceptance of oneself and others, especially for women. Take a look at how she built her business from the ground up during the height of the pandemic and is now working full-time creating hats, tote bags, stickers, T-shirts, mugs and more.

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