Plus: Finding Bargains During Inflation
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Black Women’s Equal Pay Day
Yesterday we marked Black Women’s Equal Pay Day, which is the day into the calendar year that Black women must work — for free— just to earn what men earned the previous year. Every year, it’s a date we’d rather not be marking, but in 2022, it’s time to stop and take a long look at the wage inequities that Black women face. In 2021, Black Women’s Equal Pay Day was recognized on August 3, but this year it's been pushed back by nearly two months. In other words, the wage gap for Black women is widening. And that's unacceptable. The pandemic hit women of color hardest, and it’s going to be a long road to recovery. But there is a path — and we’re walking it. This week, HerMoney’s Senior Contributor Javacia Harris Bowser helps us chart a course for how we can reset Black Women’s Equal Pay Day not just back to August, but to January 1.

Your Mission, Should You Choose To Accept It: Operation Find Bargains During Inflation

It’s no secret that sustained inflation can wreak havoc on our savings and our household budgets. After all, we have to be able to commute to work and buy groceries, so there’s not much we can do about our fixed monthly costs. Everywhere we look these days, prices are climbing — the thing we can’t seem to find is a bargain. But don’t be so hasty, experts say — there are ways to score some deals and stretch our dollars further, even amidst record high inflation.

And while we’re on the topic, let’s talk freebies, shall we? Specifically, those of the travel variety. You might not be looking for goodies at airports, because when you’re there, you’re usually either racing to make a connection or spending copious amounts of cash at the bar… but it’s possible to score some free perks while you’re waiting on that plane. Before you’re up, up, and away on your one-way or two-way, here’s the coolest free stuff we found at airports worldwide.

5 Habits to Keep Your Pets & Savings Happy
Together with
At HerMoney, we love being prepared for every financial eventuality life may throw at us. Yes, we’re talking retirement, saving for a house, or that big wedding — but we’re also talking about the smaller-sized things, like making sure our pets are taken care of. After all, how can you make sure you have everything you need to care for your furriest family member if you’re not sure what the costs may work out to be? Yes, pet insurance is the #1 go-to for keeping your pets taken care of and your savings account intact — but there are other additional measures you can take to keep them healthy, too. Here’s our guide to best practices and a checklist for what to expect. (Plus, some of our favorite go-to moves for saving the most you can.)

Fearless Negotiation In The Workplace

What are your inner strengths? When you want to put your best foot forward or make an important ask, what do you rely on? As women, we face systemic challenges when it comes to negotiations at work, but we also often don’t realize our inner strengths, and the power of leaning on them to negotiate for what we need. We all have the ability to be great negotiators — as Wharton negotiation professor Mori Taheripour assures us — and we don’t have to pretend to be tough while doing it. On this week’s HerMoney podcast* Jean and Mori discuss the misconceptions people have about negotiations, and Mori teaches us how we can succeed more when negotiating by being more collaborative with others, while also staying true to ourselves.

Secrets From A Sommelier: Fine Wine On A Budget

The only thing better than saving money is saving money on something we love and enjoy. And for many of us, that thing is good wine. Whether we’re buying vino for a dinner party, or just a bottle to relax with by the pool, we all want a high-quality vintage that won’t break the bank. Last year, wine sales in the U.S. totaled $78.4 billion, and Americans drink more wine than any other country in the world. It’s clear we’re spending a lot on wine, but how do we know when we’re getting a good deal on the bottle we buy? And what should we be looking for when we walk into a wine shop? On this bonus episode of the HerMoney podcast*, Jean talks with Victoria James, a sommelier and author of Wine Girl. They dish on the regions and varieties that offer the best values and how to find and purchase good wine at a fraction of the cost. Cheers!

When Is The Bottom Of The Housing Market?

No, you can’t time the markets — and that includes the real estate market. Even so, it’s projected that prices are likely to come down for another 18-24 months. Granted, there are no guarantees on this rollercoaster ride of a real estate market, but in the last few months, home prices have dropped substantially as interest rates have climbed to an average of 6.02%. If you’ve been looking to buy, you may be wondering: Is now the time? Or should I continue to rent? Here’s a look at everything you need to know to manage with today’s housing market, and how you can prepare to lock down that dream home, asap.

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