Plus, when to book a hotel + how to snag a free upgrade.
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How To Ensure A Nonprofit Is Actually Making The Most Of Your Money
What are you most thankful for this year? A new job? A great group of friends? That incredible vacation you finally got to take? As we head towards the holiday months, we’ll soon be busy celebrating with friends and family, and expressing thanks for all we’ve done and enjoyed throughout the year. As part of this, we may be donating to a charity or non-profit organization. But how do we know which one is right for our funds + our time? As donors, we care about how our money is being used, who it helps, and what it funds. After all, we worked hard for that money, so we want to be absolutely certain that an organization we trust will be entrusted with it. So, how can we be sure that our money is going towards the programs and people we most want to support, and not funding a CEO’s second (or third) vacation home? This week, we break down how to properly vet nonprofits to make sure our financial gifts will be doing the most good possible. Here’s what to know and how to do the right research before you donate.

What Pop Finance Gets Right… and Wrong

Okay, so we gotta be honest. This week’s HerMoney Podcast* is a little different. We’re not just talking about personal finance, rather we’re dishing on personal finance advice β€” what people say about how to manage your money, and whether that advice is actually right for you. (Or anyone.) If you’ve been listening for a while, you know that HerMoney features guests from all walks of life β€” from financial experts and economists who dig deep into the data, to entrepreneurs and side hustlers who share their on-the-ground experiences with money. They all have their own perspectives, and they don’t always agree. So, when it comes to our finances, when does it make sense to look at the numbers, and when might life experience or gut instinct matter more? James Choi, professor of finance at Yale University, put these questions to the test in his newest research, and compared the advice given by economists to the advice given in the top 50 best-selling personal finance books of all time. What he found may surprise you β€” it certainly did us. We can’t wait to hear what you think about the biggest differences between popular advice and economic theory, and what’s behind those differences.

The 6 Biggest Pet Expenses to Plan For
Together with

Our pets are our most loyal and adorable companions β€” they become our best friends and are part of the family. But they can also be expensive. Considering you’ll be committed to your furry best friend for at least a decade, and they will bring so much joy to your life, you need to prepare for the expenses that will keep them happy and healthy. In addition to the types of expenses you anticipate β€” food, shelter, toys, grooming β€” there may also be pricey boarding costs when you travel, or expensive vet visits when health concerns arise. If you aren’t insured for pet emergencies and preventive care, then you may be looking at even more of a burden for your wallet. This week, we break down the top six biggest pet expenses to plan for β€” and why pet insurance can be a super-smart investment for any pet parent.

Holiday Travel: How To Save On Your Stay

After you plan the perfect Halloween costume (which, TBH, you should probably get on ASAP) then you might want to think about booking your holiday travel. While many of us may be planning a free stay with mom and dad, others are going to need a hotel, and experts say NOW is the time to start locking down those accommodations. There are all sorts of myths and legends about how to secure the best deals on hotel bookings β€” possibly the most prevalent misconception is the belief that timing your booking of a hotel is the same as timing the booking of air travel. Newsflash: It is not. This week, we’ve got all the insider tips and tricks for securing the cheapest possible hotel reservation, every time.

And while you’re locking down that affordable room, you might want to consider…

Snagging Free Hotel Room Upgrades

More room. A mini-fridge. A closet with hangers with actual hooks on them and not just little metal nubbins that never seem to work right…We all want to find the best possible room for the lowest possible rate, but how can we truly score upgrades when we want them most? This week, HerMoney’s Aly Walansky dishes on how to make an upgrade happen on your next stay.

Because let’s face it: we’ve all been in situations where a hotel was overbooked and we got stuck with the broom closet. Or where the accommodations looked a lot better in the pictures on the website. When we travel, we want a hotel room that’s truly comfortable β€” a place where we can actually relax so we’re not longing for our own bed the entire time. Thankfully, room upgrades can be surprisingly accessible, especially if you know how to pursue them.

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