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Supporting Female-Led Small Businesses
(This Month + Always!)
First, to our HerMoney family: We’re thankful for you this week, and always. We’re so happy you’re here with us, in our InvestingFixx club, and tuned in for our podcast. We (literally!) couldn’t do it without you, and we are thinking of you this holiday season.

And now, for a little breaking news: the student loan repayment pause has been extended (for the eighth time) as the debt relief plan heads to the Supreme Court. Here's a look at everything you need to know about the program, and how to plan. Essentially, if the litigation has not been resolved by June 30, 2023, then payments will resume 60 days after that, at the end of August 2023.

Now onto a little holiday cheer...

Use Your Purchasing Power for Good on Small Business Saturday

In the days after Thanksgiving (and TBH anytime during this shopping-centric season of ours), we have an opportunity to support start-ups and indie companies that could really use our support. Held after the traditional frenzy that is Black Friday, Small Business Saturday can be especially meaningful to us (and to female entrepreneurs!) when we help sustain women-owned firms.

This week we’ve rounded up some beautiful and unique holiday gift ideas, all from female-founded shops. There are candles, headbands, perfumes, and gifts for all the pet parents in your life. In other words, please don’t spend all your hard-earned holiday cash on Amazon β€” shop small and wow the loved ones on your list with your all-around genius + thoughtfulness.

How An NFL Linebacker Manages Money

In so many ways, our jobs define us. Which can be an amazing, powerful thing. But at some point, we all have to create an identity for ourselves that’s bigger than a job title. And nobody has done that better than our guest for this week’s HerMoney Podcast*, Brandon Copeland. He’s a 10-year NFL veteran, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and college professor at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business. (His course β€œLife 101” is popular worldwide.) Listen in as Brandon and Jean chat about life as a professional athlete, what he learned about investing while working for Wall Street financial firms, and why personal finance for all is his passion.

Treat Your Wealth Like Your Health

Together with

When your health diagnosis isn't going according to plan, you likely seek a second opinion. It's time you treat your wealth the same way. Get a second opinion from a wealth planner at Edelman Financial Engines. Get your complimentary wealth check up here.

Should You Buy A Car Now, Or Wait?

Have you been postponing the purchase of a car because of sky-high prices? We get it. Since 2020, sticker shock has never felt more real. So when we say new car prices are finally starting to drop – by an average of about $600 this fall – to about $45,500, they are still nowhere near where they were before a pandemic and supply chain issues rocked the auto market.

This week, HerMoney checks in with consumer car experts to see if holding off a little longer on an SUV or sedan is a smart move. Drum roll please… It really depends, says Robert Sinclair, Jr., senior manager for public affairs for AAA Northeast. β€œIf you need a car, and you can find what you want, buy it. But if you can wait, wait.” Womp womp. With the holidays this close, we know that may not be the answer everyone wants to hear. If you are looking to buy a used car, those vehicles typically sell for much less than new, of course. To get the best deal, do your research and visit sites such as Kelley Blue Book and to make sure you aren’t paying a penny more than you must.

Passed Over For A Promotion? Here’s What To Do Next

We’ve all probably been there at least once. A coworker gets a promotion we secretly wanted. And even in a strong job market, seeing someone else move up the corporate ladder ahead of you can be really hard to take. Here’s the thing: Instead of hosting a pity party, invite some positive self reflection instead. There are likely any number of reasons you may have been overlooked this time around.

It could be as simple as she asked for a raise and you didn’t. HerMoney’s Rena Philips consulted career experts and job coaches for strategies on how to move past a perceived career snub and best prepare for your next advancement opportunity. Check out these seven action steps you can take (starting right now) to help you gain more recognition and communicate your needs more clearly in time for your next raise.

Ready To Fly? Find Deals in Business Class

Flying business class can feel like something of a fantasy for many of us. We trudge to our basic economy seats at the back of the plane, eyeing all the people already settled in and looking perfectly content with a cocktail near the front. We know business class is a more comfortable way to fly, but it’s also prohibitively expensive. But something pretty magical has happened in the last few years β€” business class has gotten cheaper. HerMoney's Aly Walansky talks with travel experts about how to score business class seats for much less than expected. (Hint: it's time move outside of your comfort zone to check prices on other airlines besides your preferred carrier.)

More For You To ❀️

  • The gifts that keep on giving. Check out Dell’s Black Friday deals** that include up to 45% off regular pricing. Plus, you can call 877-275-3355 for an additional discount if you mention the HerMoney Gift Guide.
  • The perfect gift doesn’t exis…Holiday shopping for teens or young adults? The TikTok and Instagram trends are funβ€”but so is setting them up for financial success. Enter: How to Money, written by HerMoney’s very own Jean Chatzky and Kathryn Tuggle. Consider the gift of financial literacy this holiday season.
  • Learn how to handle a hack. Are you ahead of potential new disclosures around your board’s cyber expertise? Are you ready to handle a hack? Join us virtually on November 30 for the WSJ Pro Cybersecurity Forum and gain the knowledge you need to make your biggest cybersecurity decisions, for every corner of the company. Click here to register for your complimentary pass!

Have a great week!
The HerMoney Team

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