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How to Keep the Grinch from Stealing Your Holiday Savings
We get it. For the first time ever, many of us are beginning to understand why our parents always complained about gas prices, mortgage interest, and ever-shrinking 401(k)s. And just like when your mom told you to turn off the lights when you left a room, you’re probably tired of hearing about the impacts of inflation as the prices of so many necessities stay elevated. But take heart. There are ways to keep the Grinch of inflation from stealing our savings this holiday season. With October fading fast, now is a good time to plan ahead for the winter holidays. Like other areas of our lives, travel, gift-giving, and merry-making in general will most definitely be impacted by inflation at 40-year highs. But we’ve got the best expert advice on how to keep all the joy in your holidays this year β€” everything from using rewards cards to secure flights to snagging a temporary side gig when you need one.

Feeling Stuck at Work? Even Quiet Quitters Can Find Joy On The Job

In the very best of times, we all have moments in our careers when we just aren’t feeling it anymore. Maybe we hit a creative rut, or need a new purpose to help us thrive again. Or maybe, three years of pandemic life has simply worn. us. down. We’ve all heard of the Great Resignation, and the phenomena known as β€œquiet quitting,” where employees don’t actually take a job and shove it, they silently begin skating by, just doing the bare minimum. Our guest on this week's HerMoney Podcast* is here to help us find the fulfillment we’ve been searching for. Career coach Elizabeth Pearson dives into the concept of career confinement and why women are particularly vulnerable to feeling stuck. (Hint: It’s because we often measure our self-worth by how much we can provide for others, making it really hard to leave a job.) They also explore the importance of looking at the bigger picture, evaluating whether a paycheck is worth the mental stress it can cause, and how listening to your soul (aka your inner voice), can lead you in the right direction.

Inflation Update: Protecting Our Personal Economies

We’ll let you in on a little secret. If the crazy high cost of everything has you more than a little worried, you are not alone. The new HerMoney and Alliance for Lifetime Income’s State of Women 2022 study finds that women cite inflation risk as their biggest concern. The pesky β€œI” word is the reason the Fed keeps raising interest rates, which in turn makes it more expensive than ever to get loans on large-ticket items such as homes and cars. Despite our misgivings on the inflation-front, though, only two in five survey respondents say they know how to protect their assets from it. With that in mind, it’s no wonder then that earners from all walks of life are worried.

It all boils down to this: Surviving β€” and thriving β€” in a high inflationary environment takes finesse. To more efficiently manage higher prices, you have to ensure your investments are spread out and keeping up with inflation. Diminished purchasing power can mean you are spending more and saving less. It can be scary, but it is absolutely not insurmountable. We have you covered. Start with these five steps to better protect yourself in the current economy.

The Best Books for the Future Feminist in Your Life

If there was ever a time to share feminist insights with the young women in our lives, it is undoubtedly now. Whether you’re raising a daughter or you’re a godmother or aunt or teacher to a young girl, we know you feel the drive to change their future for the better. We want women to have more choices, better equality and the right to be whoever they want to be. For those who want something a little more personal to give to the girls and adolescents in your life, consider these activist books that we think send the right message, loud and clear. Happy reading!

β€œBefore you own a restaurant, work in a restaurant.”
Together with

That’s one of the many pieces of advice Kerry Diamond, founder, editor in chief and producer of Cherry Bombe, the #1 podcast in the U.S. about women and food, has for women interested in starting their own businesses. Our founder and CEO, Jean Chatzky, joined Diamond and Lisa Janae, founder of Terra Visuals, as panelists for the Citizens' Women in Business event to celebrate #WomensSmallBusinessMonth. Hear more about their journeys and their advice for entrepreneurial success here.

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