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The Best Couponing Apps for 2023
If you have visited a grocery store or filled a virtual cart in the last 12 months practically anywhere in America, you know what a painful experience it can be for your wallet. From a carton of eggs or a head of lettuce to your favorite beauty products, everything costs so much more. This is why many smart shoppers are turning in droves to digital coupons and cost-saving apps to keep more of their hard-earned money. And we love it! This week, our experts share some of the best couponing apps for 2023, (no scissors or stacks of newspapers needed). We’ll show you how to add last-minute coupons to an app, and how you can save the most $$, all without holding up the checkout line.

Retire with Wealth, Health, and Purpose

During our β€œhustle” years, many of us love to dream about retirement β€” but what is it actually going to take for us to get there? Because not only do we have to think about how much we need to save, we have to think about how we want to spend our time, and how we’ll find our all-important sense of purpose. Because when we’re saving for retirement, we’re actually saving for the freedom to explore ourselves and what we want out of life.

It’s more important than ever for us to think about what we want our later years to look like, and how we can get there. On this week’s HerMoney Podcast* we sit down with Maddy Dychtwald, founder of Age Wave, to unpack the casual ageism that we see everywhere these days, and dig into what it really means to be happy and fulfilled for decades to come. We explore the four pillars of support that set retirees up for success: health, family, purpose, and finances β€” it’s an episode you don’t want to miss.

End-of-Year Obligations: If It’s Not a Hell Yes, It’s A No

It won’t be long before we’re flipping through our November and December calendars, noticing how oh-so jam-packed they are. Every year, many of us over-extend ourselves (or pile on some self-inflicted guilt for declining invitations that we really don’t want to commit to.) And we feel you. To the rescue is this story on how many female leaders are successfully saying no to the stressful situations that emerge throughout the last quarter of the year. HerMoney writer Lindsay Tigar shares the best first-hand strategies on how women are setting boundaries at work, making special memories, and carving out time for themselves during what can be the most hectic season of all. They got this β€” and you got this, too. :)
The Ultimate WFH Wish List for Entrepreneurs
Together with

Still slaying work meetings from your sofa? It’s time to get your in-home office setup and tech working just as hard as you do in 2023. Lucky for you, we have a list of WFH necessities ready to go. Dell offers the latest technology engineered for entrepreneurs to launch a new business β€” or help one already off the ground thrive (like ours!). And for those who may not have an IT staffer down the hall, Dell offers tech support for budding entrepreneurs that’s just a click or call away. It’s another gift you can give yourself that keeps on giving all year long.Β Β 

For a little extra holiday treat, check out Dell’s Black Friday deals that include up to 45% off regular pricing. Plus, you can call 877-275-3355 for an additional discount if you mention the HerMoney Gift Guide.

Building a Budget for Holiday Travel

Somehow Thanksgiving is now only two short weeks away. If you haven’t made holiday travel plans yet – and you know you’ll be hitting the road or jetting off for Thanksgiving, Christmas, or the New Year – now’s the time to book. But before you do, check out this story from HerMoney’s Aly Walansky with tips and expert advice on how to build a budget for holiday travel. A great first step is to estimate just how much you can afford to spend on the holiday season this year, using last year’s expenses as a benchmark. Thanks to inflation and rising prices, you’ll likely have to make some adjustments. The good news is that taking the time to map out a spending plan before you book flights or secure hotel rooms will help to make your travel experience better all around.

How to Save When Fido Flies the Friendly Skies

And while we’re on the topic of travel, will a furry friend be flying alongside you this year? Traveling with a pet can be pricey, and service dogs aside, most airlines won’t allow a pooch that weighs more than 20 pounds to ride in the cabin. This week, we share details on what to confirm before booking U.S. air travel with a pet. There’s more than just the cost of the ticket to consider. For instance, if a pet is riding in the cargo area, they'll need a special plastic crate that can only have holes for ventilation at the top, which can cost up to $1,000. Plus, it’s important to keep in mind that your favorite airline for humans may not actually be the best one for pets. HerMoney writer Sophia Surrett breaks down all the details on the best and cheapest) ways to take to the skies with your furriest family members.

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  • The gifts that keep on giving. Check out Dell’s Black Friday deals** that include up to 45% off regular pricing. Plus, you can call 877-275-3355 for an additional discount if you mention the HerMoney Gift Guide.
  • Cue the elevator hold music. Yes, the temporary hold on student debt relief is still in place, but we're not saying goodbye to that possible $20,000 in forgiveness just yet. The Biden administration is continuing their preparation for the debt discharge plan, which means there's still time to catch your break. Here's everything you need to know and how to apply with Chipper Easy Apply.**
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