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Protecting Yourself From Online Harassment
If you’ve been on Twitter at all this past week, you’ve probably noticed that some people are more than a little worried about Elon Musk’s takeover of the company. After a lengthy legal and PR battle, the CEO of Tesla officially bought Twitter last Thursday, and he’s said he’ll make some big changes, including loosening content moderation policies. As a self-described “free-speech absolutist,” Musk has attracted support from social media users who want to say whatever they want, wherever they want — including some hate speech.

Unfortunately, online harassment is nothing new — according to Pew research, 41 percent of Americans have experienced some form of online harassment, and a third of women under 35 say they’ve been sexually harassed online. So, how can we make the internet a safer place? Tracy Chou has spent her career doing just that. She’s founder and CEO of Block Party, an app that helps its users filter out harassment on Twitter. She joins us on this week’s HerMoney Podcast* to discuss the extra steps that women can take to protect our privacy — and our mental health. It’s an important conversation that you won’t want to miss.

Money Strategies For This Inflationary Holiday Season

No, we can’t believe it either, but the mad dash to the holiday season is approaching — at warp speed. Though it’s always smart to plan ahead for the additional expenses this time of year brings, in 2022, it feels particularly important to be mindful of your budget. With inflation at a 40-year high, more people are living paycheck-to-paycheck, notes Brian Walsh, CFP, a senior manager of financial planning at SoFi. This week, he and other experts offer a guide to the most impactful money strategies you should implement — from travel and gift-giving to food. With these tips, you can still feel holly and jolly, all while keeping more money in your bank account.

Why Anna May Wong’s Quarter Is More Than Just Token Representation

Anna May Wong, the first Asian American woman to be featured on United States currency, now has a home on the U.S. quarter. (The U.S. Mint started shipping them out last week, so we should all see them soon.) This representation and acknowledgment of Wong’s contributions is so incredibly important, particularly for Asian American women, writes HerMoney’s Chelsey Zhu. “For most of my childhood, I didn’t know any Asian American history. I didn’t believe there was any Asian American history to know,” Zhu says, detailing the all-too-common treatment of Asian culture that she experienced in school: either complete erasure, or gross caricaturization.

Today, we know how Wong was chronically underpaid, and how her career in America was stunted by the lack of opportunities for actors of color. And at the same time we’re finally giving her the visibility and respect she deserves, we can also see how, still, in 2022, Asian American women are underpaid, earning just 75 cents for every dollar that a white man makes. Thankfully, as Zhu writes: “Understanding where these inequalities originate is the first step to eradicating them completely. It took me a decade to explore my own Asian American identity, learn the history, and recognize how it connects to the present day. And it’s still an ongoing process. But hopefully, with Wong’s new quarter, others will find a shortcut to that knowledge right in their wallet.”

The When, Where & How of Student Loan Forgiveness
Together with

Tens of millions of Americans are now eligible to have up to $20,000 of their federal student loans forgiven thanks to the Biden Administration’s new plan. But if you are among the many who are still confused on whether or not their loans qualify, where to apply and when they’ll be forgiven, then don’t fret. We got you. We chatted with Tony Aguilar, founder and CEO of student loan payment app Chipper, to give us the lowdown on the new program. Some things to note:

  • Not every loan is covered (more info on loans eligible for forgiveness here)
  • If your loans are in default, you can still qualify for forgiveness 🙏
  • Say goodbye to interest capitalization ✌️
  • Beware of refinancing 🙅‍♀️
  • Look out for scams 🕵️‍♀️

We know the government has a tendency to make things that should be easy, overly complicated. With Chipper’s Easy Apply program, simply answer a few questions to confirm eligibility and the app will help you ensure an accurate submission. The deadline to apply for student loan forgiveness is December 31, 2023. If you have a balance after the loan forgiveness, your loan servicer will notify you with the new monthly payment once they resume in January of 2023. For more information on student loan forgiveness, we break down all of the details here.

Turning Your Worries Into Wins

Financial wins often lead to some of life's most empowering moments. Watching an emergency fund grow or a credit card balance shrink can feel amazing. One way to achieve both of those financial milestones – and many more – is by having a budget. And if you don’t have one already, please don’t fret — just 32% of U.S. households do. But that’s a problem. For example, 65% of us have no idea how much money we spent last month, and that “not knowing” can lead to serious stress and anxiety. Ideally, we should all feel that we’re on a path to a brighter financial future. Even if you’ve gotten behind on saving, it's never too late to start. This week, HerMoney CCO Kathryn Tuggle shares how three women transformed their biggest money worries into their biggest money wins.

More For You To ❤️

  • Last call! There's still time to sign up for the next session of FinanceFixx starting today, 11/3! Work with a dedicated money coach and prepare your budget as we head in to the most expensive season of the year.
  • Every Quote Gives Hope. It’s simple: getting a free pet insurance quote from our partner, Healthy Paws Pet Insurance & Foundation, results in you giving medical care to a homeless pet in need.
  • Cue the elevator hold music. Yes, the temporary hold on student debt relief is still in place, but we're not saying goodbye to that possible $20,000 in forgiveness just yet. The Biden administration is continuing their preparation for the debt discharge plan, which means there's still time to catch your break. Here's everything you need to know.**

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